Just Imagine the ability to corner the Vancouver, BC Market with the State of the art Branding mobile Platform.\

Coming soon in 2020 To the local Ontario market.

Brand your activation with a 4 side 52 linear feet Outdoor billboard sign with 500,000 LED bulbs able to broadcast, text, pictures, videos and anything digital on the street or at an event catching millions of eyes.

Just imagine having the ultimate mobile platform to execute your brand activation with
a fully mobile kitchen; equipped with Mini Donut machines, flat top grills, deep fryers, ice cream machine, burners, warmers, char broiler and more. The ultimate ability to give away any type of food, or produce any type of food as signup giveaways.

Sky’s the limit with a movie set quality sound proof generator that can produce 100 amps of 3 phase power right on site.

Just think of the possibilities for activations with a mobile platform that can lower and self level itself for great eye to eye customer service level.

Imagine the possibilities of having a mobile platform with full Wi-Fi capabilities, complete surround sound audio with Mic over capabilities to get your brand and message across to the masses. Take control and monitor all the action with 5 strategically placed Wi-Fi cameras to cover all the action of inside the mobile platform and front of house to monitor in live time your customers at the activation from your phone or computer anywhere around the world.

I hereby introduce you to the ultimate 30 foot long freightliner step van with it all.

  • Possibilities are endless.
  • New product launches
  • New product giveaways
  • Free food for sign ups
  • Free swag for sign ups
  • Branded corporate functions
  • Branded corporate sponsorships
  • Movie set rentals for themed truck
  • Information booth and event schedule across the LED screen
  • Download and app sign ups
  • Or just advertise your brand

Let’s hear what you have as an idea for this ultimate marketing platform.

Jason Au